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So I tried to think of a new and interesting post about my life but could not. I went to a rap concert on Saturday which was pretty cool, saw my first Chinese rapper who was decent, and a rap legend (Pete Rock) for 10 dollars which is absurd. I was just looking at some of our most popular search engine hits from the past week and thought they were funny, so I will share them with you.

#1 = houseplants shower – you may recall that our plants died instantly when they were in the living room, so our shower was filled with our plants for a few months. Apparently other people are having the same problem, or they want to shower themselves with houseplants. You decide.

#2 = deaf haiku – We get lots of random hits for deaf people, which is unfortunate seeing as we offer nothing for the deaf community. You may remember I wrote a critically acclaimed haiku about our instantly scalding/freezing shower. Apparently people wanted to find a haiku for deaf people…

#3 = mongolian deaf skype – see above

#4 = erin and dave blog – Wooo! If you google “erin and dave blog” we are #1! If you google “erin and david” we are #7 (mostly behind women named Erin David). We are moving on up people.

Now that we are getting 3 hits a day from people searching for “houseplants shower”, get ready for tons of pop up ads! Soon we can start selling tonedeaftraveler apparel and stuff. Here are some random pictures (China and South Africa) for your amusement. Enjoy!

Yo yo yo, just a quick little update for tonite.  If anyone doesn’t have Skype, you should get it and Skype with us.  It really makes us feel like we aren’t a billion miles away, because we can see and hear you all calling us.  The best part about it?  ITS FREE!  I truly do not understand how this service is free.  A product this good simply should not be free if you ask me, but I am not complaining.  I wanted to cancel a credit card due to some fraudulent charges popping up (stupid South Africa!!), and I wasn’t sure how to call the 1-800 number that I needed to.  I talked to our friend from teacher training, John, and he told me you can call 1-800 numbers for free with Skype.  Problem solved!  So now I love Skype even more than I did before, which was already infinitely.

We also got our Chinese cell phones up and running today and they are decent.  We got the phones, 200 kuai worth of minutes (which is a decent amount), free unlimited calling between the two of us, and international calling capabilities for about $25 US each!  Again, this makes no sense at all to me.  How could it possibly be this cheap?!  Also, how much money are US cell phone companies making?!  It is pretty incredible, and everyone we talked to said it was the best deal they had ever heard of for a cell phone in China.  Woo hoo!

Ok, just a short post today, sorry folks.  I included some photos of our apartment to make up for the lack of text.  The last picture is of some street food, a omelette/pancake type thing with some of our boss’ home made salsa on top.  All for about 40 cents!  Go Hoyas tonite, I will be teaching unfortunately, but enjoy March Madness for those of you that care.  For those of you that don’t, have a good day!  Peace.

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