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*Fair warning, this post will make you salivate.

I have just finished up my marketing/PR project at The Fig Tree in Chaowai SOHO, and have a minute highlight some of the awesome creations and knowledge I have gained from the experience. Although I’m nowhere near the level of a Le Cordon Bleu-certified pastry chef (I enjoy eating and talking too much), I have developed quite a refined palate and appreciation for all things sweet and gourmet since meeting Chef Lin. From the time and labor involved in baking, to balancing the variables behind the science of pasty, I never had any idea how difficult it was to be a pastry chef. Did you know that using different brands of almond powder will totally alter their ability to “create feet” and a perfectly smoothi texture? Or, did you know that Ikea sells the best small quantities of dark chocolate for home bakers in Beijing? My only current concern is that I have been catapulted into the category of food snob…and there’s not turning back!

Just to clarify, at this point I’m not being compensated in any way for commenting about The Fig Tree, so you can take my word when I say that this school truly produces the best-tasting and highest quality pastries in Beijing. My personal favorites have been the chocolate decadent cupcakes and cake, New-York Style Cheesecake, and savory Spinach Quiche. Here are some of my favorite Fig Tree creations:

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