Greetings again. Just wanted to make a quick post to give people a glimpse into the life in Beijing. Monday-Friday days are pretty much the same, go to work, come home, cook or go out to eat, maybe gym, maybe bike ride, shower (maybe), sleep. Now that the weather is finally getting decent, I can ride my bike somewhat comfortably at night, which is one of my favorite things to do. Food is a combination of stuff I make (40%), foreign restaurants (20%), and Chinese restaurants (40%). My apartment is located in a great area directly adjacent to a foreign supermarket with a deli and everything, as well as any type of foreign cuisine and local Chinese snack you can think of. In terms of food, it is an ideal location.

It is nice to live in a city as big as Beijing because there is something for everyone. My apartment is located in between the two most important subway lines for my life because they get to the areas I go to the most often very directly. It is also a 5 minute walk to some of the best restaurants, stores, and general entertainment in the city. Weekends usually consists of some type of work during the days or maybe nights, whether it be interviews, actual work or research, or a meeting of some kind. After that, meeting up with a few different groups of friends that are all tangentially connected, either to eat or party. It is a fun city. Here are some pictures of my apartment. You can see my room is big enough to fit a king sized bed, sofa, and a carpet. People tell me my room is very girly, but I love it. Plus, the apartment had no furniture in it at all when we moved in, and I went to second hand Chinese markets to buy all of it, which is an experience you can pretty much only get here. Thought people might like to know what it is like to live here…similar to most places, only with about 100x as many people! Haha. That is all for now.