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Yet again it’s been way too long since either of us posted…but David and I just compiled some tips for a friend coming to visit, and I thought it might be helpful to share this list with the world!  Its taken nearly two years in Beijing to concoct our “Insider’s Tips” to this massive city, so hopefully it will help someone  out! 

Our Beijing favs: (Can you tell who wrote which?)

-Temple of Heaven in the morning to watch the elderly chinese exercise

-Great Wall at Mutianyu (reserve shuttle via The Schoolhouse, 100RMB) or go with Great Wall Fresh/China Culture Center/Intrepid Travel, all good for day tours

-Do a hike with Beijing Hikers

-Beihai Park

-Gulou Street, around the corner from my work ( for awesome cooking classes and our tea tour is amazing if you are interested in chinese tea

-Houhai Lake at night, pretty reflections of lights on the water

-Wanfujing Night Market for non-typical but hilarious street foods like scorpions

-Check out The Beijinger and TimeOut for the best restaurants, but it depends on the type of cuisine.  Happy to meet up, great HotPot/duck/yunnan/dongbei/sichuan, as well as coffee shops with wifi all around my work.

-798 Art District will be nice to walk around at that time, but for a more authentic chinese art experience, check out CaoChangDi village, can link you up with a friend at Three Shadows Art Studio there

-Dong Jiao, typical chinese wholesale market, worth a trip for sure

-i also love biking around guomao, the central business district really early in the morning/late at night when there is nobody around.  crazy to bike around some of the tallest building in the world with no cars or people.

-silk market/yashow or any fake clothes place is also pretty fun.

 -walking around qianmen and tiananmen square at night is exciting.  so many people just walking around.

-summer palace or yuanming yuan are amazing on a nice day.  u dont feel like u are in beijing.

-taking the subway (especially Line 1) during rush hour is an experience everyone has to witness.  getting pushed into the subway by employees whose job it is to push people into the subway…pretty crazy.

-Dancing ur ass off at a club can be fun too  😉

*Despite the fact it’s been so long since I’ve posted on the blog, I have published photos from my trips to Harbin, Taiwan, Anhui and Fujian on Facebook!

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