So, its been a crazy past 2 weeks. I spent all waking hours trying to prep and then lead an educational trip to Inner Mongolia while managing Chi Fan for Charity, teaching on Saturdays, and training for my 9K. The great news is that the trip went very well, all 52 of us back home from ChiFeng safe and sound, smiling and stinking! *Post to come later. I also ran in my first official Chinese race, a Li-Ning 6K which according to my watch was actually a 7K, and got my personal best time! Seems like Heyrobics running camp is paying off.

I arrived back into Beijing at 5am on Saturday morning from an overnight bus and spent the next few days furiously trying to get the charity ticket sales going. That’s has been one of my biggest work challenges ever, as I am NOT computer savvy and don’t exactly have a paid staff to help. Stayed up til 3:30am on Monday night finishing the Paypal integration and headed to Hong Kong at 6:30am for the beginning of yet another trip. Unfortunately my plane was delayed and I arrived in late in Wenzhou for my connection. I skipped baggage claim and headed straight to check-in, but was sadly too late. Despite my misfortune, I got two lucky surprises:
1. I actually understood (in Chinese) what the woman was telling me. (That it wasn’t their fault because I didn’t book directly through the airline, the connection was too short of a time, and that I would have to pay to stay in the Wenzhou Airport hotel til the next morning because there’s only one daily flight from Wenzhou to Hong Kong. Terrible news, but at least I was also able to express how I thought it was the airline’s fault!)
2. Another Singaporean girl booked the same exact flight, spoke perfect English, and agreed to share the hotel room with me.

SO… my new friend Christina and I have been in Wenzhou for the past 24 hours, in a hotel room that we’re paying for but at least eating free meals courtesy of China Eastern. She somehow slept like 20 of the last 24 and I’ve been catching up on work via the surprisingly fast internet. I haven’t ventured out of the hotel because of work, but I’m not sure I’m missing much, as my text from a co-worker kindly informed me:
Sorry to hear about the hassle for you, on the bright side wenzhou is supposedly the ugliest big city in China.

Soon headed to Hong Kong to help set up and participate in Erin Manfredi’s charity dinner and visit the Kligler’s, I’m hoping for better luck!