I’m at Lily’s American diner again. The internet is down in our apartment because both of my roommates are traveling and forgot to pay the bill. I feel a little bit like an incapable 5-year old because I don’t even know which company we use, and I tried to call a number Er Wei gave me to give the internet company money but I could only understand about 10% of what the guy was asking me. I tried to get a friend from work to call, but apparently we set-up some special cell phone service and I have to visit the actual location to pay the bill. Well, that’s all fine and well but even if I make it there, I don’t have any documentation about our account and they probably don’t have an English-speaker on staff. I was feeling pretty darn good about my ability to navigate Beijing a few days ago, as I actually got quite a few errands done in a single day, including buying a collar with a bell, small dog’s leash and carrying case for Tutu! However, changing my cell phone plan and getting pants altered are still on the to-do list, which I am not looking forward to. These things are starting to frustrate me rather than be part of a fun challenge.

Here are some photos of Tutu the teenager, her new loot and Tutu doing yoga You can also see the leash I set-up in attempt to litter-train her and so she can be out of her cage but not jumping on me, my computer or food when I am trying to get things done.

More updates to come from Anne’s trip to Beijing!

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