Wuddup everybody. I am officially an uncle! At 1:33 am on May 28th, Holden Alexander Jacobs was born. Congratulations to my bro and his wife and welcome to little baby Holden. The name was kept secret until the day of birth, but I figured it would be a literary figure of some kind (Holden is the name of the main character from Catcher in the Rye). I was pulling for Humbert Humbert (I will let you guys look that one up) but I like the name Holden. I can’t believe it though, I have a nephew! Can’t wait to meet the guy and see how he turns out. Should be great because he has a great family already (as long as he can deal with Jack’s barking). He is a great looking baby too, doesn’t look like a newborn to me but I am horrible at judging the age of people of all races and genders, especially really young kids.


As for us, we are just plugging along, working a lot, living life. We found out that tutu, our rabbit, is a girl. That was the biggest recent development. I will keep this short and sweet, just wanted to update people on the exciting news for the Jacobs clan. Thanks to my parents, their parents, and so on for making all of this possible. Congrats again to my fam, I will see everyone in 20 days. Peace.

“One generation plants the trees, and another gets the shade”

-Chinese Proverb