This has been a funny week of Chinese occurrences. I have tried to slow down my busy schedule, if only in my mind, and appreciate the uniqueness that is Beijing. Well, it only took a few days of focus to come up with quite a few great slice of life stories. For example, today I was riding my bike to work and the chain fell off. I walked the bike to the nearest taxi driver, who immediately got a tool out of his car and put the chain back. I hardly even had to ask, he simply looked at my problem and jumped into action. A nearby security guard made sure to ask whether I thought the cab driver was a good or bad man, and I promptly replied, “Hen hao ren! A very good guy! Chinese are good people!” He asked where I was from, and we exchanged the obligatory, “Obama!” before I rode off to work. (Cabbie and I pictured below) The chain fell off 5 minutes later, but I got it fixed after work by a roadside bike guy. Apparently the bike had been sold with the wrong width chain to begin with…

Earlier in the week I passed by a group of about 30 construction workers who were lined up with dirt shovels to move some dirt from around trees into a big truck. I didn’t get a great photo of the line-up, but it was a quintessential depiction of the types of monotonous jobs in which I often see overly large groups of Chinese participating. The usual response to this type of set-up is, “That’s Communism.” The workers were delighted that I was taking photos and all smiled for the camera. Again, what seriously nice guys!

I also received this unbelievable yet hilarious email this week. Being foreign is still certainly a prized attribute in China.

Hello, friends!

Have three good news for you!

1. Grahm (those who visited my party knows about him) started his pick-up coaching this weekend! The training content is:
– study plan
-fashin advising
-going out to the place of interest and discussing girls pick-up tactics
-discussing what was wrong
-going out to several bars and night clubs to pick up girls!

Price: 3000 for whole weekend
Discount: If 2 your friends join the training, you personally get it for free + 20% for next training!

Grahm is a pick-up artis from NY. He dates best girls, has access to best parties and clubs, made a good career in USA and China using Pick-up. He speaks perfectly Chinese btw.

2. GIRLS! My very rich foreign friends are looking for wifes. Please send me your pics and CV. And I can organize meeting somewhere in the restaurant. It is for free!!!! Just want to help!

And new female trainer just joined us. She is very rich woman (she has a very rich husband). And now she is our trainer for girls. The content is:
-fashion and make up
-seduction techniques!

Same price as Grahm!

Also we have a luxury offer for MAN AND WOMEN:
-Our female trainer can take you to the party with rich people and help you to make contacts with them!
The price is 10.000 Yuan!

Please send your questions to

Keep smiling,

I have also had many Chinese friends receive the traditionally Chinese Gua Sha medical treatment if they have a sore throat or cold. It is immediately noticeable because of the bright red mark on their skin, usually on the front of their neck, and it looks quite painful. However, I found this article today that explains a little more about the procedure: David of course dismisses the benefits of this treatment, but I haven’t tried it myself and don’t have a problem with attributing some pain relief to the idea of enhanced circulation…um, hello massages!