This past weekend I organized a “Bohai or Bust Kick-Off Party” at The Hutong. The event was a way for Beijingers to learn a little more about supporting the biking community in Beijing, hear a factual talk on pollution levels, and register for the upcoming Bohai or Bust charity bike ride at The Schoolhouse at Mutianyu. We made museli bars, gave away prizes and listened to a few awesome speakers, including Beijing’s accident traffic and air pollution expert Gilbert Van Kerckhove. I had a really good time at this event, especially since I have just recently become a Beijing biker and would love to see this turn into a more bike-friendly city!

A few reporters wrote about the event…and you can catch a glimpse of some familiar faces in this article. *Despite the fact that I’m NOT the organizer for Bohai or Bust and David is making muesli bars, NOT dumplings…this is a fun article!

My future goal is to actually write something worthy enough to be published in one of these magazines!

Well, it’s still pretty cold here and the heat has officially been turned off. The wind also gusted so hard today that I had to momentarily stop riding my bike on the way to work! This week I’m busy preparing for The Fig Tree’s booth at the Expat Show, and David is also experimenting with riding a bike to work.