Classic China story in 3…2…1…

I headed out the gym at 8:45 this morning. On the way over I saw a woman attempt to open the door to an ATM machine. She pulled one of those long, cylindrical, metal door handles that often accompany doors here, only to have the bottom of the handle break off the door, leaving her stranded outside. I had to laugh, Chinese manufacturing strikes again!

A few minutes later I opened the door to my own gym. No one was at the front desk swiping cards, but that’s not too unusual. The lights were on and music was playing, so I headed into the locker room. When I came out, an employee was staring at the door and my presence startled her. She asked me how I got in, and I replied that the door was open. “No, it wasn’t! Ni tuan!” She replied. I assumed, and later confirmed with my boss, that “tuan” meant turn. Embarrassed but adamant I explained that, “Really, the door was open!” Honestly, even if I did turn the door and it opened, am I at fault?! She proceeded to inform me that the gym didn’t open until 9:30 and I would have to leave. “Tai wan le!” I exclaimed, and left my things in the gym to take a run.

Apparently my gym does not open until 9:30am, and I believe they will soon be investing in a better lock.