The votes have been tallied, the opinions have been weighed, the Chinese have spoken, and the decision has been made:


Oh well, maybe a little less so than last year. Certainly we have learned an incredible amount about Asian culture, the world and ourselves over the last year, so we can’t be too upset that our tones are still scoff-worthy. The cabbies still appreciate our efforts!

A big thanks to friends, family and other supporters who have helped us bridge the emotional gap from the US to China over the past year. In some ways this year has felt incredibly long…and sometimes the months seem to fly by. Either way we are experiencing more than we ever thought possible, so we’re not ready to stop yet.

*Below are some photos from Erin’s very authentic celebration of the last day of Chinese New Year. What could be more environmentally friendly than a Hummer, filled with fireworks, in China?!