I put on a decent guise for being computer and tech savvy by keeping a blog and being a gmail fiend, but really I loathe the technology learning process. I find that it’s often tedious and counter-intuitive and causes me to get irrationally angry. (Can you tell I prefer doing to thinking?!)

My usual plan to increase personal blogging aptitude involves gchatting David or other friends to fix my problems. However, on this particular morning I:
1. Read Amy Anselmo’s sweet new blog about training for her LLS triathlon.
2. Was told (appropriately) by David, to “figure it out myself.”

Thus, I was inspired to forego my typical reaction of shutting down the computer, and actually give the blog gadgets a second look. And watta ya know?! I figured some things out!

I certainly like organizing, planning, information exchange, and planning organizing to enhance information exchange (obviously)…so I have spent months pondering how to make our blog more information-friendly. I spent the morning updating “widgets” and educating myself about WordPress changes to bring you the New and Improved ToneDeaf Blog! Now you can see our archives, choose your own adventure through the tag cloud and even support charity through the blog! We chose to donate to the WWF, as it seemed most appropriate given the environmental situation in China. Also, I certainly can’t take credit for all of these changes, as David was still my primary consultant.

I hope you enjoy the changes, and a photo of the wildly inappropriate toothpaste brand that is a best-seller here in China. I read online that the original name was actually “Darkie” but was apparently changed in 1985 when Colgate-Palmolive aquired the brand. They are careful to say, via Wikipedia, that they don’t market the product. I bought this cultural relic hoping to leave my mouth minty-fresh, but unfortunately all I got was a green tea after-taste.

More Vietnam updates coming soon, and let us know what you think about the updates!