Well, I think it’s becoming apparent that we have succumbed to the grind in yet another country. Our bi-monthly trips have come to a striking halt since we have been working our tails off in Beijing. I wanted to take a quick minute to wish you a Happy Chinese New Year and let you all know that we are alive and well. Just very briefly, some highlights of the past few weeks:

-David and I took our first Chinese character class, which includes the transformation of characters from the Oracle Bones to simplified characters. Very interesting and already I can notice a difference in my general perception of characters.
-Hosted my most successful charity fundraiser with over 80 attendees and got some media attention: http://beijing.globaltimes.cn/community/2011-01/617839.html (The one about The Hutong Charity Drive.)
-Promoted Hairy Crab Fest 2011 at The Fig Tree, one example from a friend’s blog.
-Found out friends Alison and Adam got engaged ON The Great Wall!
-Experienced the wonders of Dong Jiao Wholesale market, just a 30 minute walk from our apartment and is FULL of all things made in China at rock-bottom prices
-David found a good poker group and is already making a few additional RMB
-Joined a VERY Chinese gym for about $120/6 months=dirty but stress relieving nonetheless

Now, off to bed!

Oh, and a really great article about the current legal atmosphere surrounding charities in China.