Alright faithful readers, time for another Hong Kong update. We woke up on Tuesday in the area of Kowloon, and headed down towards the water to look around. We checked out the Avenue of the Stars, which is the Hong Kong equivalent of the Walk of Fame in LA. The avenue itself was pretty lame, but the view was stunning. We stared across the water at Hong Kong island, packed with skyscrapers, and started to really feel like we were in Hong Kong (at least I did). We checked out Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Stephen Chow’s stars on the Avenue (Stephen Chow wrote/directed movie Kung Fu Hustle which was a huge hit in China and not a bad flick) and then decided to head towards the area known as Central, which is the densely packed area we were just staring at. It was also where I would be shaving my head in a few hours. We hopped on the MTR, which is about as expensive as the DC metro, making it about 10 times more expensive than the Beijing metro, and headed to Central. Quick sidenote; I must say that the two subways we have been on in China (Beijing and Hong Kong), are the two best subways I have ever been on. They are incredibly efficient, cheap, on time, clean, and have other little innovations like fresh air blowing through the cars that make them pretty darn awesome. Come on USA, Asia puts us to shame in this regards. Anyways, we walked around Central, looked at the big buildings, then went to the Dublin Jacks for St. Baldricks.

We wandered through the Lan Kwai Fang area of town to find the bar where St. Baldricks was, found it, and saw how well organized this event was going to be. It looked as if Erin had organized the event herself! We met the actual organizers of the event, Richard and Marcia Kligler, who are really great people and have a special interest in St. Baldricks. Their son is a childhood cancer survivor, and Richard now hosts 4 different St. Baldricks events in Hong Kong, which he has done for 5 years! As far as I am concerned, he IS St. Baldrick. There were about 30 shavees at the event, one of whom we talked to for a good while, Nick, an Indian guy that lives in Thailand. He is also the first Jain that I have ever met, and we had a nice talk about different aspects of being vegetarians (although it has been a struggle in HK, meat is in EVERYTHING). He said it is easier for him to be a veg because he has NEVER tasted meat in his life, so he doesn’t know what he’s missing. I was about the 8th person to get shaved, and I had a lot of hair. In a few minutes, I had no hair, and have to say I am loving it. Every person should get their head completely shaved at least once in their life, it really is an interesting and great feeling if you ask me. The St. Baldricks event was a ton of fun and we met some really nice people, and it was yet another surreal experience of being in Hong Kong but feeling like you could be in Vienna, VA. Best of all we met Richard and Marcia (could be spelled Marsha), who have invited us over for dinner and to stay at their place on Monday! We were both so glad we could go to an event while we were here, its pretty unbelievable.

After chatting with my friend Bob, a Canadian guy whose son is a policeman in HK, towards the tail end of St. Baldricks (all Canadians hate Alexander Ovechkin), we said our goodbyes and headed out to walk from the Central district to our hostel in Causeway Bay. Erin only made it halfway before we got a cab (weak). Great day though, and I will try to bring you some more updates tomorrow. This gets you caught up to Wednesday for us, and tomorrow (Saturday), we will be going to Macau, the Vegas of Asia! YEA YA! Time to make some money (stop rolling your eyes everyone, I will make money (or lose lots (just kidding (kind of)))). I hope you all love my excessive usage of parentheses as much as I do, because if not, this will probably be the last post you read (you’ll be back). Here are the pictures for the day, hope you all are doing well. Jacobs out!