So I woke up this morning feeling a little strange, because it seemed very bright outside.  I opened the curtains in our bedroom and noticed that the sky was glowing yellow.  I thought that either Armageddon was upon us, there was some sort of chemical shower occurring, there was a massive fire nearby, or that I was dreaming.  It was none of these things, and we got ready for our day of teaching and headed out to ride our bikes.  When we got there, we noticed that the bikes were completely covered in dirt.  I don’t mean slightly covered, I mean top to bottom, totally covered in a whitish colored dirt.  It wasn’t just our bikes though, it was everything.  Cars, houses, plants, everything, covered in this dirt.  The sky was yellow, dirt was everywhere, and as we rode to the school, we realized that dirt was literally raining down from above.  It is no wonder this place is so dirty.  What’s the point in cleaning when you get dirt rain every once in a while?  In the 5 minute ride to school, my black coat was visibly covered in the whitish dirt.  Putting 2 and 2 together, we realized we had probably inhaled a good amount of this no doubt toxic dirt rain, and I will be purchasing a mask for the next time this occurs.   Hopefully it never does.  Very weird day.

We had a full day of teaching and are both very tired.  Not a whole lot of excitement during school.  It was a pretty typical day of teaching.  Upon our return after a nice dinner with the other teacher, we witnessed a pretty dazzling fireworks display right across from our apartment.  This country is obsessed with fireworks.  There was no particular reason for having this firework show, but it was about 10 minutes long, and was about as good as the fireworks at the National Mall in Washington DC.  This is probably just some random guy that decided to blast off some fireworks on a Saturday, which is one of the beauties of China; you don’t need a reason to shoot off a ton of fireworks for 10 minutes.  I think that should be the country motto.  Ok, bedtime, I included some pictures of the dirt storm, although they really do not give justice to the color of the sky.  There are also some pics of the fireworks.  We go to Beijing on Monday, our first real trip, so we will have some exciting pictures and tales to share with you soon.  Adios,