This is just a quick update, but I went on my first run in China today!  I have been walking, riding my bike and doing yoga at home, but I got brave enough to battle the cold, pollution and stares.  Yeah!  4 miles and it was well worth it.  Decked out in my pink and black spandex, purple Nike running top, bright white saucony shoes, and ipod, I certainly stood out even more than usual as I passed many bikers, haha.  It was pretty fun running through a city with everyone was looking at me…and was wondering if maybe they thought I was a US athlete.  A girl can dream, right?  I felt really emotional halfway through when the song “Fans” by Kings of Leon came on, because I was just feeling comfortable and positive zooming around walkers and bikers, getting motivated by the beat.  I guess it just made me feel like music and exercise can make me feel at home no matter where I am.

Anyway, it’s my goal to run in at least one race while I’m here, and today showed me that this is probably an attainable goal.  The streets are actually great for training because they are long, straight and flat/gradually inclined, with few traffic lights.  I haven’t felt any of the effects of the pollution in my breathing so far (crossing my fingers), the weather is in the mid-40s which isn’t too bad, and there are soda and water bottle vendors all over the place if I need a break!  Now I just need to figure out where I can buy some GU, ha.

Unfortunately David is still out on his quest to find a calling card, because the mobile place didn’t seem to understand his request.  Avis Rent a Car started charging his credit card some miscellaneous fees from our trip to South Africa, and it’s a little tricky trying to call them.  Our Chinese lessons were also cancelled today…so we are going to try and study a little on our own.