I may have mentioned that China is a little dirtier than back home…but David and I really added insult to injury with our recent water situation.  After arriving at our apartment two nights ago, we took one look at the shower and decided that we could wait a day to brave that dungeon.  Yes, saying this definitely makes me feel like a spoiled westerner, but I will post a picture shortly and you can judge for yourself.  Did I mention that I literally woke up three times in the middle of the night in a cold sweat…having a nightmare about a moldy bathroom nearly swallowing me alive?  Our bathroom is nowhere near this bad, but I kid you not.

On the second night here I decided to be brave and try out the shower….unfortunately there was no hot water.  By no hot water, I really mean that shards of icicles were falling from the spout, and I literally would have rather remained unclean for at least a week than try to rinse off.  Lucky for me I remembered my Dove facial towelettes from my xmas stocking, and used the sink for a very high quality spit bath!  Advertising campaign pitch, anyone?!  (Needless to say, I took a full Ambien this night.)

OK, so we taught our first day of classes without having showered in 3 days…but the nice staff still commented on how nice they thought my hair was, and how much David looks like Superman and Harry Potter.  Thank goodness the Chinese are so easy to please. Tonight our manager came over to look at the water heater and what do you know?  It wasn’t plugged in, ha!  Yes, we probably could’ve figured that out ourselves, but were a little worried to touch anything because there is a hand-written Chinese sign ON the water heater with lots of exclamation points.  Our manager’s response, “I have never known what that says.”

My plan is to take a shower in an hour or so, so please wish me luck and appreciate every clean shower for the next year!